CHE Community Food Hub

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CHE Community Food Hub Mission and Purpose

The purpose of the CHE Community Food Hub is to connect local sustainable growers with consumers that will help reduce their production and marketing cost in addition to reducing the retail cost for consumers. The Hub will receive process and distribute foods directly from the farm to the consumer in a cost-effective way.

The mission of the CHE Community Food Hub is to provide consumers with foods that will work with other life changes to lengthen their lives and enhance their quality of life.  Using sustainably produced foods consumers will be taught how to correct, prevent and eliminate food related chronic diseases. The Hub will also provide nutritional education on the sustainably produced foods that are consumed.

CHE believes that if you “Let Local Foods Be Your Healer”, the benefit will be an enhanced quality of life.

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 food hub LAYOUT

CHE Community Food Hub is housed in the Randall A. Gore building in the town of Bethel, NC.

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Original building – prior to construction

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Construction for this project has already started. See current progress below.

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Ribbon Cutting Ceremony 4/28/2017
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